7 Best Nintendo Gaming Accessories in 2023

The Nintendo Switch is a versatile gaming console that can be used in various ways, making it an excellent choice for gamers of all ages and experience levels.

Whether you’re playing on your Nintendo Switch console at home or taking it out and about, some great accessories help you get the most from your gaming experience. You might be surprised at how much difference a few well-chosen accessories can make.

Here are some of the best gadgets to enhance your Nintendo Switch experience:

  • InnoAura Tempered Glass Screen Protector
  • InnoAura Switch Adjustable Kickstand
  • Nintendo Joy-Con Wheels
  • InnoAura Joy-Con Charging Dock
  • InnoAura Switch Protective Cover
  • InnoAura Switch Charger
  • InnnoAura Carry Case for Switch/Switch OLED

1. InnoAura Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

If you don’t want to spend extra money on the Switch screen, it might be time to consider getting a screen protector.

That’s where the InnoAura Tempered Glass Screen Protectors come in. With its bubble-free, anti-fingerprint, high transparency, 9H hardness, and anti-scratch, InnoAura screen protectors are designed to protect your Switch’s display from impact, keeping it safe and giving you some peace of mind.

The screen protector is built to protect, so you don’t have to live in constant fear of dropping your Switch and breaking the screen.

It comes with a two-pack of protectors and an installation kit; it’s an ideal solution that will save you a lot of money in the long run if you drop your Switch and crack the screen. Furthermore, the protector is just 0.25mm thicker, you won’t notice it’s there.

2. InnoAura Switch Adjustable Kickstand

When playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Overcooked, and other multiplayer games, it’s difficult to keep the Switch plugged in due to its bottom charging port.

Luckily, InnoAura Switch Kickstand solves this issue perfectly with its delicate stand design. The stand’s angle is also adjustable, from 30° to 45° to 60°. 

It can hold your Switch and your phone, just like a phone stand. When you watch TV or play games, it always gives you a better experience.

3. InnoAura Nintendo Joy-Con Wheels

If you are crazy about racing games like Mario Kart 8, you must need this Jon-Con Wheel, which can give you an immersive experience.

With its surprisingly hard ABS materials, you can believe they can last as long as your Switch. As slotting in each Joy-Con is easy, you can start racing soon. No cables and no batteries, so easy to have fun.

Here is a great Switch Sports Kit that includes 20 accessories:

>Click to InnoAura Party Set for Nintendo Switch

>Click to InnoAura Party Set for Nintendo Switch OLED

4. InnoAura Nintendo Joy-Con Charging Dock

After an exciting gaming time, we need to charge our Joy-Cons. Here’s a charging dock for you. The InnoAura Joy-Con charging dock can charge 4 controllers simultaneously, fully charged within only 3 hours, and you can get a full-energy controller again.

It also has a clear LED indicator with two statuses with two colors: Red means charging, and green means fully charged and standby.

5. InnoAura Switch Protective Cover & Joy-Con Covers

We protect our Switch screen, but at the same time, we still need to protect our Switch dock and attachable controllers.

It’s costly to repair the console, but we have a solution to avoid this. This InnoAura Switch protective cover can prevent our Switch from scratches and drops. The soft and pat Joy-Con covers are much more ergonomic for us to enjoy.

6. InnoAura Switch Charger

The Switch always needs a recharge, as the Nintendo’s data, one full charge can last up to nine hours, but this is just a digit.

Most of the time, we do charge more often. That’s why we put the charger on this list. We have a dedicated Joy-Cons charger above, but we still need a charger for the console itself.

A great charger can helps slow down battery aging. Therefore, it’s really important to have the right charger. This is why I recommend InnoAura’s Switch charger, which is faster, safer, and smarter.

This InnoAura Switch charger takes only 3 hours to fill your console instead of 4 or 5 hours. It allows you to charge while playing with no hurt to your Switch. If you want to connect your Switch to a TV, this charger also can support it, making it possible to enjoy a full home-console experience. And it’s small and portable for you to carry out as a backup.

7. InnoAura Switch Carry Case

If you are a frequent traveler or always take the Switch on the go, you cannot miss this “rich” Switch carrying case, which is prepared with all the essential accessories you need.

There are screen protectors for the Switch, a Switch cover, thumb grips for Switch, Switch Adjustable Stand, a Switch card holder, and all 17 accessories in one case.

Which is means that for most of the accessories I’ve mentioned, you can get them all at one time and at 1 price. You don’t need to spend extra time and money on these accessories anymore. And the case is big enough to carry all your accessories. No disorder, no scratches anymore.

If you buy these accessories one by one, let me calculate for you.

Screen Protectors: $7-$16 (Amazon)

Switch Carry Case: $20-$30 (Amazon)

Thumb Grips for Switch: $10 (Amazon)

Adjustable Stand for Switch: $10-$18 (Amazon)

Switch Cover: $17-$25 (Amazon)

There are over $80 if you buy all accessories separately, but you can get all these at InnoAura Store for just $20-$25. A real wisdom and ideal option.

>Click to InnoAura Nintendo Switch Carry Case

>Click to InnoAura Nintendo Switch OLED Carry Case

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