What Color Do You Like The Most For Your PS5?

There are many devices on your options, and PlayStation is one of them. PlayStation is definitely a leading gaming idea in the world. 

We all know that we are not irrelevant players. We are all the protagonists of the game.

So, having a nice-looking and durable PS5 faceplate will not just decorate your game room but also optimize your gaming experience.

Our InnoAura PlayStation 5 faceplate is specially designed for the digital version of PlayStation 5.

We have 6 colors of PlayStation 5 faceplates.

1) Black

Classic black is never out of style. If you prefer not to be too colorful, this black one suits you best. The dark black one with a cooling fans device cools down your console when you fighting with the big boss! You are close to winning!

>Click to InnoAura PlayStation 5 Plate – Black

2) White

The pure white one likes a goddess of victory. It will give you endless energy and power. This is a great choice for those like white.

>Click to InnoAura PlayStation 5 Plate – White

3) Golden

Really hot selling a golden PlayStation 5 faceplate! With a high-level golden frosted texture, it has a nice appearance and durable inside materials. 

>Click to InnoAura PlayStation 5 Plate – Golden

4) Silver

If the colors above do not hit you, then how about silver? I would say, why not try it? Since it can decorate your room and extend the service life of your device. Kill two birds with one stone.

>Click to InnoAura PlayStation 5 Plate – Silver

5) Cosmic Red

This is our latest color, and some clients are willing to try unique colors. It’s also awesome because we hope to develop products with our InnoAura friends!

>Click to InnoAura PlayStation 5 Plate – Cosmic Red

6) Purple

The purple one is available! Also, with high-quality frosted ABS materials, you can feel its sense of reality after you get it! Let’s colorful our game world and our life!

>Click to InnoAura PlayStation 5 Cover – Purple


You’ll definitely get one color that catches your eyes deeply through this list, and no matter which one you choose, you’ll have a brand-new gaming experience and setup. Which color do you like the best? Leave your comments with us.

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