Differences Between Nintendo Switch/Lite/OLED

If you’re looking for a powerful home console that can handle the latest and greatest games at 4K resolution or want a handheld system with a massive library of great games to take on the go, then Sony and Microsoft have you covered.

But if you want the best of both worlds – an affordable console with tons of great party games, indie titles, and some truly amazing exclusives – then Nintendo Switch is your best bet.

Nintendo Switch is a console that will make you smile and give your family hours of entertainment; Nintendo’s latest is tough to beat.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just picking up a controller for the first time, we think there’s something on the Switch for everyone.

The Nintendo Switch is a unique console with pros and cons, and it’s definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for a new gaming system.

1) Nintendo Switch Lite – kind of heavenly version of the PSP or Gameboy

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1. Without the Joy-Con Controller – It can not play various physical games(such as Ring Fit Adventure and Switch Sports) or play with others. It’s a console that is suitable for single-players.

2. Handheld System Only – It can’t connect to a TV, which can only play through the small 5.5-inch screen. 

3. Three “est” – The smallest, cheapest, and most portable between these three Nintendo consoles.  

4. A better Travel Companion – If you have other consoles and want a device to travel with, the Switch Lite is a good choice. It’s lightweight and small enough to throw into your backpack or bag.

5. Quite and Peace – The buttons are soft to the touch and don’t make as loud clicking noise. 

2) Nintendo Switch – in-between option

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1. Support Three Modes – Handheld, docked, and TV

2. Bigger Screen – Owning a 6.2-inch screen, Switch allows you to see the graphics more clearly and vividly. 

3. Joy-Con Controllers – Switch has Joy-Con controllers, which means that it can support multiplayer games, such as “Super Mario Racing,” “Super Mario Party,” “Mario Tennis Ace,” and more. As long as you hold the Joy-Con controller in your hand, you can PK with your friends, and some games support up to 8 people to play together, which is the same as the concept of multi-player arcade machines in the past, concentrated into a small handheld game machine. Definitely a multiplayer couch choice. And each Joy-Con contains a vibration motor, which can provide force feedback while playing games and convey useful information in some games.

4. An In-Between Option – If you like to play with your friends and indulge in the game world, Switch seems better than Switch Lite and cheaper than Switch OLED. 

3) Nintendo Switch OLED – a premium experience

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1. Bigger Screen – It features a 7″OLED screen with brighter colors and a larger screen.

2. Premium Screen Performance – Clear, strong blacks, great contrast, and good color reproduction. It gives you a better visual experience.

3. Great Speakers – Switch OLED has the loudest and clearest speakers compared to other two consoles.

4. Stable Stand – The size of the stand is the same as that of the console, and it supports any angle adjustment, which is more stable and practical in general.

5. Other functions and features are basically the same as the Switch.

4) Switch, Switch OLED and Switch Lite Comparison Table

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