Carrying the Universe: Your Galaxy Companion Switch Case

We are happy to announce good news to everyone. We have changed the new pendant. This pendant incorporates the “Aura” cat image, which looks cute and energetic. At the same time, we also added our new member-the starry sky Switch carrying case!

Humans have endless curiosity and yearning for the galaxy. The innoAura galaxy carrying case is a design inspired by this romantic universe, integrating the mysterious beauty of the night sky into a fashion accessory, adding a unique touch to the appearance of your Switch charm.

💫 innoAura Galaxy Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

Protective effects

innoAura Switch carrying case combines water and dust resistance with a soft microfiber inner panel to ensure your Switch console is scratch-free, making it the perfect companion for your daily commute or on-the-go! At the same time, there are two colors for you to choose from.


What should I do if the Switch has too many accessories and becomes cluttered? Our carrying case provides an ideal solution for gamers, not only with mesh compartments, but it can also store headphones, game stands, Joy-Con, and other accessories. Own it to keep your accessories more organized!

Easy to carry

The InnoAura Switch carrying bag fits perfectly with the Switch machine. You don’t have to worry about it being too big or too small. It has a medium capacity and a portable design, making it easy to carry. This makes it easy to take your gaming device to outdoor events, travel, or a friend’s house.

A delightful gift

Not only is the Nintendo Switch case great for yourself, but it’s also a great gift option for gamers. Our galaxy design, intoxicating beauty, and cute accessories can make players who love Switch accept the joy and surprise brought by the gift.

Perhaps, gaming enthusiasts who like cosmic themes or are looking for a unique look. Using a carrying case not only protects your gaming equipment but also adds a special charm to your gaming experience.

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