Best Nintendo Switch Family Games 2023

Nintendo Switch is a great gaming console for a fun and interactive family game night.

With an impressive library of family-friendly games available, there is sure to be something that everyone will love. From exciting fighting to classic card games, the Nintendo Switch has plenty of options parents and kids can join in no matter the age range.

Not only can everyone get involved but they can also enjoy some good quality time together while having a competitive spirit or bonding moment. With such a variety of titles, it’s easy to find the same joy in different genres so that everyone can have their own experience within the comfort of the living room.

8. Just Dance

Dancing is such a great way to express yourself with music while enjoying the beat and having a blast. This game allows people from near and far to come together and join in on the fun.

Whether playing with Joy-Cons or on your phone, up to six players can hop into the action, jumping and grooving to the music.

The wonderful thing about this game is that it encourages family time, bringing all generations together to enjoy each other’s company as you dance. Dancing together is a great way for families to create positive experiences and lasting memories.

7. Mario Golf: Super Dash

Mario Golf: Super Dash is one of the best sports games out there and an ideal choice for family game time.

Even those who have never been into golf before can find something to enjoy in this colorful game.

Pick your favorite Nintendo characters like Mario, Peach, or Yoshi and get ready to hit balls farther than you ever thought was possible! The precise motion controls and golf mechanics mean that you can feel like a pro at the tee as you swing for the fences.

With various courses available and a unique power-up system, it’s sure to satisfy even the pickiest golf fan!

6. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is a game that offers gamers an exciting experience, no matter if they are playing alone or with one another. The single-player mode is great for those looking to take on the game’s puzzles and enemies solo, but it also makes for a wonderful family game. By teaming up in two-player co-op mode, one person controlling Mario and the other controlling Cappy as his indestructible hat assistant, players of all ages can go on an adventure full of surprises and challenges. Even more captivating is the addition of HD rumble technology which immerses them further into their virtual world while they work together to discover secrets hidden within levels. Super Mario Odyssey truly brings us together!

5. Mario Party Superstars

Fans of Mario Party will be thrilled with this new iteration in the series. Combining all the best aspects of past editions into one incredibly enjoyable game, Mario Party Superstars has something for everyone, even those unfamiliar with the franchise.

The five boards all have their own unique challenges and puzzles while collecting coins and stars is key to winning the game – whichever player has the most stars at the end wins!

Don’t forget the minigames either; picked from prior Mario Party games, they offer a fun break in between rounds and let you test out your luck or skill. They can even give you an edge in the race for stars if you do well enough! With all these elements at play, Mario Party Superstars promises to be a fantastic romp for old and new fans alike.

4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has become an instant classic since its launch, earning legions of passionate fans worldwide.

The game offers up to four-player gaming on the Nintendo Switch, offering an accessible and enjoyable experience that can be adored by kids, parents, and everyone. Its customizable karts, characters, and tracks come together to provide a unique competitive experience every time you play.

It’s no wonder that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has been featured so highly on lists of popular karting games.

3. Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee and Pikachu

Exploring the Kanto region with your Pikachu can be an unforgettable experience! You and one other player can embark on this journey into the world of Pokemon, filled with opportunities to catch rare Pokemon. The Support Play lets you travel the region in a works-well-together kind of atmosphere, helped along by its 3D map style. Each turn taken within this hypnotizing world will reward players with unique and adorable experiences that only add to the overall charm of Pokémon: Let’s Go! So why not take a break for a few days and explore this majestic world with your faithful friend Pikachu at your side?

2. Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 offers a unique approach to family gaming, offering both a complex single-player experience and an alternate couch-coop mode.

When it comes to single-player, you can explore fascinating puzzles, 17 vibrant floors in the hotel, and gather light flashes from all corners of the game. But the real standout feature for family gamers is the co-op mode; players need to make some progress in their individual campaigns before they can join forces.

Luigi takes on the role of the primary character, with his partner (a separate entity known as Gooigi) tagging along to assist. It provides two distinct levels of interaction; experienced players will find mastery with Luigi whilst newer gamers will slot into controlling Gooigi without feeling overwhelmed.

Overall, Luigi’s Mansion 3 offers an enjoyable experience for everyone in different ways – whatever kind of player you are, join up and have some family fun!

1. Overcooked

The Overcooked! series is a great cooperative game that you can play with up to three people, making it the perfect game for multiplayer families! Set in a virtual kitchen, the goal is to beat the clock and make your orders as fast as possible.

Players must work together to quickly chop ingredients, mix batters, and fry items to complete the levels. But that’s not all – stages can get even crazier – cooking on boats or hot air balloons!

Emotions often run high during intense Overcooked rounds, but this is also just part of the fun. For anyone looking to try it out, it’s vital to keep calmness and patience – as surprises are expected at any time!


The opportunities are seemingly endless on the Switch, where a wide variety of different types of gaming experiences can be had. Families can explore new digital Nintendo Switch worlds together and have fun with their favorite characters. that will bring hours of entertainment and laughter to any room.

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