Why do you need an InnoAura carrying case for your Switch?

There are so many Switch carrying cases on the market, with different features and designs, you can find everything you want. But you will find that most of these products are just a case with no accessories.

It means that you need to spend a lot of time seeking a Switch carrying case, Joy-Con covers, Switch console case, thumb grips, and more. You will also spend much more money if you buy them separately.

But there’s gonna something that can meet your request – the same price with all accessories in one bundle. This is where the InnoAura Switch Carrying Case comes in.

Made of a premium hard shell and equipped with 19 game card slots, our InnoAura Switch Case can prevent your Switch from scratching and store all your game cards well.

Inside the case, a mesh compartment with zippers provides extra protection and storage for your accessories, which is safe and protective. This Switch case gives you all-around protection from the outer to the inner.

Furthermore, also the most attractive point of this Switch case is it is equipped with all the daily gaming accessories you need, such as Joy-Con covers, console cover, tempered glass screen protectors, adjustable stand, etc. 18 accessories in total, which means that you don’t need to buy the accessories one by one.

This is a great choice if you want to buy gifts for your kids, grandkids, or friends playing Nintendo Switch. You send your cared ones a whole set of Nintendo packages with high-quality and paring attractive colors.

Its drawstring design and velcro strip can fix your Switch very well. You don’t have to worry that your Switch console will fall out.

With its lightweight design, our InnoAura Switch Carrying Case has a large capacity, which allows you to store your accessories like earbuds, chargers, Joy-Cons, etc.

If you are a frequent traveler or commuter, this one suits you. You can take it in your hand or put it in your backpack or luggage. You will not notice it because of its small size, but you will notice it because it has all the gaming things you want.

Here are all the accessories the cases have(Switch, Switch OLED, and Switch Lite have different accessories, please make sure you get the right one)

For Switch

>Shop Nintendo Switch Cases on InnoAura Store

  • Carrying Case for Switch x 1
  • Switch Cover Case x 1
  • Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protectors x 2
  • Switch Thumb Grips x 6
  • Switch Adjustable Stand x 1
  • Game Cards Holder x 1
  • Joy-Con Covers x 2
  • Stickers x 2
  • Pendant x 1
  • Stylus Pen x 1

For Switch OLED

>Shop Nintendo Switch OLED Cases on InnoAura Store

  • Switch OLED Carry Case x 1
  • Switch OLED Cover Case x 1
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Switch OLED x 2
  • Adjustable Stand x 1
  • Thumb Grip for Switch OLED x 6
  • Game Cards Holder x 1
  • Joy-Con Covers for Switch OLED x 2
  • Stickers x 2
  • Pendant x 1
  • Stylus Pen x 1

For Switch Lite

>Shop Nintendo Switch Lite Cases on InnoAura Store

  • Switch Lite Carrying Case x 1
  • Switch Lite Cover Case x 1
  • Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Switch Lite x 2
  • Thumb Grips for Switch Lite x 6
  • Hand Strap x 1
  • Shoulder Strap x 1
  • Game Cards Holder x 1
  • Stickers x 2
  • Pendant x 1
  • Stylus Pen x 1


A Switch Carrying Case is essential for everyday life. Imagine having to leave the house and not being able to store all your accessories in one place. It provides a safe environment for your belongings and saves you time by preparing all gaming setups you might need ahead of time. You’ll never have to worry about anything else when you’ve got a Switch Carrying Case!

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