How to add some color to your Nintendo Switch

Then, we have added several new colors of portable bags that are suitable for you, including avocado green, orange, and purple.

When you open the world of Nintendo Switch case, you will find that it is like a colorful palette, which can add a touch of liveliness and color to your Nintendo Switch Lite. Each color expresses different emotions and ways.
Whether you use it for adventure, travel, or daily life, the different colors of Nintendo Switch Lite can reflect your personality and needs.

1)Avocado Green

💚 innoAura Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case – green

Green is one of the main colors of nature, giving people a sense of vitality and can also help people relax. Imagine taking your Switch with you and taking InnoAura’s fully equipped carrying case with you on a trip. The trip will be more exciting!


🧡 innoAura Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case – orange

Orange can add a sunny and positive atmosphere, which is also suitable for the current autumn use of this InnoAura Switch Lite Case. It is not only a bag, but also a portable bag that can meet your accessories.


💜 innoAura Nintendo Switch Lite Carrying Case – purple

Purple is a color suitable for use all year round. It can be coordinated with the colors of the seasons. It is a more popular color. I think if you are a girl, you will not be able to resist such a cute Switch Lite Case!

In fact, the Nintendo Switch Case is an indispensable accessory. Whether you are playing games at home or outdoors, a suitable Case can provide excellent protection, and you no longer have to worry about your Switch being damaged during the trip.

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