“It’s so spacious and comfy for my console. I love the accessories that came within the case as well! There’s so much space for games! If you will be traveling for a while and need a go-to case, this one might just be the one. I can store up to 20 games!”


“Another lovely case from @innoaura_official 🌸 a beautiful Sakura pink.”


“The case is really sturdy, has a nice handle, and is perfect for traveling since it fits many games, has space to put the stand and even a charger. The pink 💓💕💗🎀 color is super cute and matches my Nintendo Switch perfectly and fits my aesthetic 🥰😊💖”


“They have sent me a beautiful and very complete travel case (swipe to gossip👀) a case, thumbies, protective glass, touch pen… All this comes together and there are several colors!!”


I was just in need of a new one so I got this at just the right time. It fits so much so much stuff and it came with a bunch of cute accessories for my switch ✨ I would definitely recommend this switch case! It also has a hard shell so your switch is well-protected at all times 💖


“This case comes with so many accessories! 🌸 Protective cover for your Switch, 🌸 Joy-con covers, 🌸 Tempered glass screen protectors, 🌸 Game card case, 🌸 Adjustable stand, 🌸 Keychain & stickers, 🌸 Thumb grips, 🌸 Stylus pen.”


“It’s super strong and doesn’t feel like it will break. It comes with a cover, stand, screen protector, thumb grips, and more!”


“They are very affordable and if you’re looking for a set for your switch or OLED I would recommend them!☺️”


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