6 Reasons Why You Should Have A PS5

With so many choices on the market, deciding which console you should invest in can be tricky. Should you buy the trusted classic PS4 or the sleek innovation of Microsoft’s Xbox? You can spend hours considering both contenders and still feel overwhelmed – but fortunately, it looks like you have a sensible solution right in front of you: Sony’s brand-new Playstation 5. Whether surface-level features or technical specifications matter to you, the PS5 has it all – it ticks all the boxes!


Whether gaming is your passion or you are just a casual player, you have options with the new Playstation 5. You can choose from two console versions; either the regular Playstation 5, equipped with a drive for easy game slotting, or the thinner digital version for ultimate convenience.

The regular Playstation 5 has been designed for avid gamers and features a disk slot to store your beloved physical games. The higher price tag comes with access to hundreds of third-party titles and classic PS games at no added cost.

On the other hand, the slimmer digital version of the new PS5 streams content directly without changing disks, so switching between games could not be simpler. Not only this, but those searching for a budget-friendly console may find purchasing the digital option more appealing due to the hefty price difference between it and its disk variant counterpart.


The PS5 offers the flexibility of a modular storage setup. With its sleek and stylish look, it’s easy to upgrade the amount of storage you can access in your gaming console. It may not come with an immense amount of storage, but this leaves more possibilities for customization, like buying an additional solid-state drive. This can provide you quite a bit of extra space if you’ve run out. Fortunately, Sony makes beefing up your PS5’s storage extraordinarily convenient.

Installing a better and bigger SSD has never been easier, integrating with the comfort and functionality of having one device right at hand so that you can easily store your massive library of games without worrying about running out of space or being unable to flexibly switch between hardware. That being said, goodbye to cluttering hardware! Beyond just boosting its storage capabilities, this modularity could also benefit users who strive for maximum performance out of their console.


Sony recently launched the next-gen console and, with it, the DualSense Controller. This PS5 accompaniment represents a true advancement in game controllers due to its unique integration of sensory feedback abilities. Its namesake derives from its ability to receive signals and register feelings that accurately correspond with events occurring during gameplay – felt through vibrations, heard through audio queues, or seen through integrated lights flickering reactively.

The controller’s Adaptive Triggers evoke a realistic experience based on the weapon utilized; when drawing a bow and arrow, the trigger must be pulled back further and requires more force than when firing a gun which has an immediate feedback-tight effect on the trigger release. An incredible piece of hardware, the DualSense Controller not only promises but delivers a new level of realism suitable for all levels of gamers today.


If you’re going to purchase any gaming console, one of the most important factors is the titles that it can offer. Equality impressive hardware won’t do you any good unless video games are available for you to enjoy.

Fortunately, the PS5 offers incredibly diverse games that shine with its unique capabilities. Expect to be wowed by Demon’s Souls and Final Fantasy Remake VIIRemake, both of which capitalize on all that this console has to offer.

Furthermore, what really makes these games that much better? You can snag them only on the PS5! Don’t miss out on experiencing these action-packed titles, and get your control freaks ready for some serious gaming!

5. PS VR2

If you’re fascinated by the potential of virtual reality, then the PS5 is a perfect option for your next console. Sony’s first virtual reality headset, The PS VR, was designed to work with a PS4 and was successful overall. The much improved PlayStation PS VR2 will be compatible with a PS5 allowing for full body tracking and greatly improved controllers from the original. There is a rundown on specs and improvements at everything we know about the PS VR2, so go check it out! In addition to HD graphics, lifelike sound, and experience, you’ll have all the features Sony has cooked up to maximize immersion like never before!


Most consoles come with a standard, unchangeable look, making it difficult to express yourself or capture your individual style. However, the PS5 Creative Console allows you to accessorize your game experience with ease and convenience.

The design of the console has been tailored for modifications. Unique plates can be acquired that easily snap on and off for custom styling. Here are some gorgeous and high-quality PS5 Covers for you to choose from.

>Click to InnoAura PlayStation 5 Plates

Replacing the plates brings even more life to your gaming station, as the eye-catching colors become a soothing backdrop for playing or an exciting asset for streaming viewers. And when inspiration strikes, swapping up your look has never been easier! Install new plates at will so no two gaming experiences are the same.

Here are 6 colors of the plates that come from InnoAura, including white, black, purple, cosmic red, silver, and golden. Compared with the original cover, these plates have a specially designed cooling vent to cool your PS5 temperature while playing.

Made of impact-resistant hard ABS material, durable, lightweight, and shockproof, effectively resists impact in daily use. It provides stronger protection for your ps5 console and a brand-new and unique visual experience.

All these InnoAura PS5 covers are customized-made in 1:1 size according to the original PS5 console, which is a perfect gift for ps5 users as a birthday or a Christmas gift.

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